Monday, 16 May 2011

Ceramic Vases & Bowls

Inspired by Coral Forms

Fruit Bowl

Inspired by Female Form

Slab Vessell with Oxide Wash

Red Terracota Pot (Smoke Fired 2009)

Photography (Observations in the Orchid 2009)

Fallen leaves in dappled darkness

Sharing space in Natures Garden

Places these boots have taken me

When nature takes over

Illustration (Animals)

Koy Carpe (2009)

Children's Interior Furnishings

Badger Pillows

Squirrel Wardrobe Door

Front and Reverse Pillows

The Collection

Monday, 9 May 2011

Funky Feature Kitchen Door Panels

Screen printing onto wood with coloured pigment

Abstraction of Female Form into Design and printed on Ply Wood

Printed fabric submerged into clear casting resin with acrylic lid


'Intwined' Lady in the Tree  printed on felt

Clay Relief ready for mould and resin pouring

Resin Samples of Paper and Fabric Screen Prints in Resin

Life Drawing (2010)

The Process